I want to have some senior portraits taken soon but I don’t really want them to look like everyone else’s, how can I make my photos more unique and fun? They usually all seem to look the same, and they’re kind of boring!


You sit down in front of some swirly colored backdrop, you look at the camera and immediately get nervous so you can only manage a stiff smile, you turn a little in some shots, you tilt your head a little in some, maybe you’re lucky enough to be able to change your outfit for some, and you’re worried the entire time about how you’ll look in the final photos. This is how a lot of senior portrait sessions go but I have some tips to avoid this!

Hopefully you’ll end up working with a photographer who works with you just as much! By this I mean it’s always best if you have some say in where you’ll take the photos. Photographers will usually know best when it comes to finding the right light or finding a spot that works photographically but they should value your input about the location to be sure that you’ll feel comfortable. Choose a location that you have a special connection to, if you’re camera shy (which most people are! So don’t worry!) maybe choose a spot that’s a little more secluded so you can avoid a lot of people walking by. If the space reflects your personality it will make for better photos and if you’re happy where you are that will definitely show too!

Senior portraits should show your unique personality and your outfit is probably the easiest way to show that off! Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit and that it makes sense for the location you choose. Accessories and props are also a great way to add a unique style to your photos. If you play an instrument maybe bring it along, if sports are a big part of your life maybe bring your jersey as an outfit option.

Taking your senior portraits should never be a bad or boring experience with the right photographer! To book with us visit our Inquiries Page

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