So what exactly is a cake smash? 

Where this idea came from I have no idea! But photographers and parents love it! And the babies that get to destroy and eat the cake probably do too! To celebrate their child’s first birthday a lot of parents will plan a cake smash. It’s pretty simple, you book the session, we put a cake down in front of your baby, and we let them have at it! They smash it, smear it, eat it, wear it, and we get photos of the whole process!

Cake smashes are usually better to do outside since they’re so messy so we are happy to shoot in backyards or local parks, or for other outdoor locations we’ve shot in before check out this list

Bittersweet Bakery is a great place to go for custom cake smash cakes! We make sure to get some good photos of the cake before your little one dives in! The photos from your cake smash session will provide you with lots of laughs, that will inevitable be used to embarrass your kids when they get older! 

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