Top 10 Reasons | To Hire A Second Shooter

We asked some of our clients and other photographers around the country why you should consider hiring a second photographer for your wedding.  They had some good reasoning why you might want to expand your budget as well as some pretty hilarious ones too! 

Despite what you had planned for your timeline. Your photographer cant be in two places at the same time. A second photographer allows for images from two different perspectives.

nh wedding photographer

Take for example this photo of the groom’s expression while the bride is walking down the isle. This was taken by the second photographer while the lead photographer was able to capture the beautiful bride being escorted down the isle by both her parents. 

“I had a hard time seeing my groom at the end of the isle due to our guests. I never saw his first reaction when I walked in. I was in tears when I finally saw what he looked through the images you captured”
 -Amanda AJP Bride

Gathering bridal parties for group shots can be time consuming. Barking orders works but having a second shooter who knows what to look for in arranging groups is also helpful. If you have a bridal party of more then 12 people total we recommend adding a second photographer to your collection. This helps speed up the process of shooting images as well as control the group allowing for maximum time efficiency.

nh wedding photographer_adriennejeanne

If you have a small window of sunlight between your ceremony and reception we also suggest hiring a second photographer to help speed things up before the sun sets. Also, while the lead photographer is shooting the dance floor the second photographer can get some wonderful shots of the venue. 


Detail shots of decor and the venue take a back seat to formal portraits and the actual ceremony and happenings of a wedding day. Second shooters can obtain more details and candids. 



chance reeves

“To watch for oncoming traffic …and mountain lions! Oh, and to carry the heavy equipment through the beach sand, when they aren’t shooting tables or details, of course.”                    
-Photographer Joylne San Diego, California  

“To test light with his hand…and then submit them all to you for editing”
– Chance. Lead Photographer, Allen Texas 

“To handle handsy groomsmen. Two, “back the hell up”s are better than one!”                         
-Eliza. Lead Photographer, Columbus, Georgia 

“When overly exuberant/tipsy guests try new flailing dance moves and end up kicking, then sliding down your photographers shin, there is someone else there to continue coverage while your photographer licks their wounds.” 
-Brianna. Lead Photographer,  Boston Massachusetts 

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