I can’t believe the new season is already approaching. Today being the first day of spring I thought it would fitting to post whats been going on behind the scenes here at the studio. Emily and I have been hard at work preparing for our 2015 & 2016 wedding season. This year our Brides will be receiving custom Welcome Packages complete with all sorts of goodies!

Our USB are from our good friends at USB Memory Direct. The Sleek portable memory device will provide a world of convenience at the fingertips for our amazing clients.  We chose a sleek custom flash drive is a plastic model with metal on the sides, also featuring a removable cap with the same metallic inlay.

USB Memory Direct even laser engraved our logo and website on the drive itself. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the results from them! We also think our clients will enjoy the key-loop that provides great convenience for portability. We also used the key-loop to add more of our brand and focus in on our clients by attaching burlap tags with our clients’ names. 

We completed our usb packaging with a mesh cloth bag tied with traditional yarn and finished it with a burlap bow. 

 I’m so excited to share our fresh new look with our clients. Here’s a sneak peak! 

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