About the “Diamond”

I get asked this question a lot…about the “Diamond” so here’s the run down.

Did it hurt?

Yep! …On a scale of 1-10…I’d give it a 10. Your sternum (or breastbone) is the long, flat bone down the center of your torso that connects to your ribcage and protects your vital organs. The dermal piercing involves implanting surgical steel into your skin. It hurts because the procedure takes longer then most piercings, the location and the thickness of skin in the sternum. 

How does it stay in there? 

Surgical steel implanted into the skin to hold the diamond. The piercing itself is a commitment, it does not come out and the piercing itself needs to be removed by a professional piercer. 

Who did it?

Josean Ortiz is the piercer. He’s also the amazing man behind my triple helix…. This image was for Josean’s portfolio. 

Why did you chose that spot? 

Three years ago I was diagnosed as a severe asthmatic and hospitalized quite a bit. After close to 32 + chest X-rays, MRI’s and CT Scans I wanted to give the radiologist something to talk about…Kidding. It’s a constant reminder to live life to the fullest, to be grateful for each day…and every. single. breath. 

“We live with the scars we choose” 

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