My mother and I haven’t been to the movies in years. So when she wanted to see the judge I happily obliged. Any chance to see Robert Downey Jr right? 

So, when we finally make arrangements and coordinate schedules my mom was REALLY disappointed after it was no longer playing in our local theater. This having discovered after she was looking at the showtimes in the Newspaper….yes…the newspaper from the week before.  

So we decide to see Gone Girl instead. Not a problem. Fine, upon finding out seats during coming attractions. Two other woman make their way into the theater. The entire movie has literally 4 people, because everyone spends a gorgeous Saturday afternoon…in New England….inside a dark depressing movie). Now given murphy’s law I’ll let you take a crack and where these woman sit?  Next to us. Guess who “whispered” to me about the audacity of these woman the entire movie.  My mother…because sitting next to a stranger in the movies is much on the same wavelength as “urinal code” in my mothers mind. 

So when a few days later I found that the “judge” was playing in a nearby cinema. I thought it be the perfect opportunity…to totally redeem myself. 

Without further opportunity, let me tell you about the matinee for the “judge” 

After a recent shoot I decided I would meet my mother at the nearby cinema. It involved me traveling across the highway to the movie theater. Not realizing that this movie theater had recently gone through renovations I was “happily” informed that two tickets remained for seats. (Not next to each other) after debating with myself for a brief period I decided my mother would not enjoy sitting next to a stranger given our last movie “experience”

Thus leaving with me with the debacle of “how badly does my mother want to see this movie?”

While I pondered this dilemma the two middle aged women behind me in line….now at the second ticket counter… had no problem with the seating arrangements (Because they really wanted to see the movie) and purchased the last remaining two tickets. 

When my mother arrived she was very disappointed having “traveled” so far. Melrose to Woburn which is precisely give or take 15 minutes. My mother made her disappointment apparent by explaining to me not once… but three times, they she had my father print out direction to this movie theater. 

(She thought it be best) that we wait in line….again….Despite me telling her the movie was sold out. Because everyone knows if you wait in line a second time the “movie elf” feels bad for you and makes more seats reappear. 

Upon the “discovery” that the “movie elf” did not magically “construct more seats” she became more aggressive and suggested I return home for dinner with the family. Since she “defrosted meat” which would make seeing a later showing of the judge “impossible” 

Nevertheless, I thought dinner would soften the blow of our disappointment. 

I arrived in Melrose some 15 minutes later. (An appropriate travel time from Woburn-Melrose) I then waited 1.5 hour for my mother to return home. After having gotten lost “traveling” from Woburn cinema to Melrose despite having said “printed directions” 

Dinner was lovely….
But if you ask me the meat was overcooked. 

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