Mary heads to the car to change. Eric pulls his gear off and neatly tucks his boots into his firefighter pants. Even for photographs, habit must be ingrained in him. He carefully places his helmet next to his boots and steps back. He looks at me for approval. 

“Pretty soon it will be babies in my set” I wait for the typical response from most of my grooms. “Well hold on…I Just bought a ring…Long time away!”
When he doesn’t spit out a sarcastic response I look up from my camera… in fear he’s fainted. “Yep! Pretty soon, he nods!”  I giggle on the inside for Mary. 

Their story changes depending on who you ask. Like most love stories, there’s a His and Hers version. Mary and Eric met at a bar through a mutual friend. Eric went home that night alone after she didn’t give him the time of day. Mary must have made quite the impression because Eric asked a mutual friend for her number. 

Mary says she remembers it differently. Either way, Eric managed to sweep her off  her feet and they’ve been in love ever since. We are thrilled to be shooting their wedding next June! 

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